ChejozzOffline 20 years old, Los Angeles Ca. Lake Arrowhead county,United States Send Message Invite to Friend
Relationship status: Single
Orientation: Gay
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1 year ago oldercal

I've been admiring your tapes, Chejozz, finding them making me very hard, enjoying masturbating with them, thank you.

1 year ago oldercal

Hi, Chejozz, thank you for becoming my friend here--you are very handsome. I used to ski and hike up in the mountains where you live but haven't for a while--it's nice up there, winter or summer. I'm down in Long Beach, where it's cool, as it is where you are. Let's chat on-line at some point. Ray

2 years ago oldercal

I'm old but trim, 6 ft 165, retired college prof, let's chat and become friends....