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Relationship status: Single
Orientation: Gay
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1 year ago UCinWSeattle

I prefer to be the bottom you on top but it doesn't mean you won't wind up getting my cock up your ass. You will discover my balls are rock hard, unfortunately there is only one way modern science can check for cancer and when all turns out well, they can't put them back. That's not why I prefer bottom, I still shoot. Sometimes better than others. I do take supplements. I just love the feeling of a cock up the ass, so know how to use it so it feels good. And I do prefer my man uncut. If you aren't uncut, don't worry about it, cut is my #2 favorite.

1 year ago UCinWSeattle

Uncut Gay White Male in West Seattle, you can find me at the 24 hour gym at West Wood, various hours. Not really looking for one night stands, but its a starting point for a ltr. Would rather get together, have a few dates, get to knew each other and if all works out look at a relationship and move on. I am looking at retiring in 2017 and will be 65 in August. If you can't be honest, STOP the relationship won't work. I would like a relationship with an honest younger man between 25-35. I am overweight and working on losing weight so if you seek an overweight person I'm not for you, I am not looking to keep it, and if you goal is to get me to keep it, then the honesty isn't there. Get it?