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17 January, 2017 by sweetjr06 on video Smooth Latino bottom fucked hard:

OMG The bottom is in perfect shape. Statues have been erected to honor beauty like his. I did notice that no matter how hard the Top pounded his hole the bottom didn't seem to be out of breath and the boys' hair
was perfect. I wanted to see the curve of his
ass quite a bit more The Top did his part well.

16 January, 2017 by sweetjr06 on video Giant cock in gay threesome:

There is something distinctly not sexual about this
video. Immediately I wondered IfnIfndered was this
a hoax? Not on's part but the actor
Studio? IDK I'd make love to my Dick way
differently. Id charge everyone a few bucks
to see it. LOL Cause you know I'd be showing
it off. Second it seems plastic or rubber and
never gets harder or softer at any point in the 5
minute video. Last thing is he's just not my type.
I had to give it thumbs down.

14 January, 2017 by stevevinn on video speculum play 3:

hot demo of how to enhance orgasm! would be fun to have some toys to insert in his hot hole with that speculum holding it open.

13 January, 2017 by fatassbttm2014 on video Daddy in the park:

Does anyone know who the top is??


12 January, 2017 by Purple on album POLLONES:

I wish I had a cock that big to play with